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On Hold! Now Just What?

Our pastor recently delivered a sermon series chatting by what we do whenever life places us “on hold.” He used an antique phone as being a prop. Well, it absolutely was really a push-button, corded phone, therefore really not too traditional (most likely, it may have now been a rotary dial), however it served it is function for reminding us of these dreaded moments whenever we are put “on hold.”

Like you were being put “on hold” … much to your dismay like me, I’m sure many of you have experienced situations in your life where you felt. I’ve a buddy at this time whom is like her life is on “on hold” while she finishes chemotherapy for the cancer diagnosis that is unexpected. I’ve a buddy now who feels as though their life is “on hold” as he pursuit of a new work after being let go. And, while she waits for her divorce to be finalized as I can relate to, I have a friend right now who feels like her life is “on hold. (more…)