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Still Time for George Karl To Go

george karlDespite the news on Wednesday announcing that the 2012-13 NBA Coach of the Year award has gone to George Karl, I still think it’s time for him to step away as head coach of the Denver Nuggets.

While I know this won’t be a popular opinion amongst many fans, I still stand by it and here’s why.

I know that there’s no disputing how great of a coach George Karl is and has been. There’s no debating how GK will surely be in the Hall-of-Fame. In 2010, he became just the seventh coach in NBA history with 1,000 wins. He has taken the Nuggets to the postseason in each of his nine years in Denver, and set a franchise record in wins with 57 in 2012-13, which led to his first career Coach of the Year honors this season.

But there’s a certain point where it doesn’t matter how great of a coach you are. There comes a point where a voice becomes drained out and where a style of play loses it’s luster. I feel as if this has finally happened in Denver.

Let it be said once again for the passionate George Karl fans that he’s a legendary coach. There’s absolutely no sense in disputing that. He’s done things for the city of Denver, both on and off the court that this city could never repay, But this a perfect time to bring in a famous quote into play.

“It’s not what you’ve done, but what have you done for me lately?”

And of course I bring this quote into play for just on the court production, as there’s no debating the great things he’s done for the community. The NBA, just like all professional sports, is a tough business. Granted that legendary coaches, just like players, deserve to get their chance to walk away on their own terms. But where’s the sense in letting a flare die out and then be remembered for the whimper it goes out on? That’s the situation with George Karl.

With records broken, and playoff aspirations reached, the Denver Nuggets have still done diddly-squat under Karl. Yes, the regular season has been a great success, but what’s the point unless championships are being won? Simple, there is no point. Regardless of putting butts in the seats, and giving excitement to the fans, it’s all about Championships.

We all know that George Karl has been recently famous for the style of offense he’s been running in Denver ever since the Carmelo trade. And that always spurs the debate of whether or not you can win in this league with a bonafide super star. I’ve written countless time how the Nuggets proved this season that you can in fact win without that go-to guy… in the regular season. I’m the last person who wants to admit that you can’t win without stars, but it’s tough to argue against given the history of the league. And with it being proven that Karl hasn’t won with stars, i.e. Reggie Miller, Carmelo, etc.. there’s no winning formula here in Denver for Karl to deliver in terms of titles.

I know it’s hard for the die-hards to swallow.. but there’s no getting around it. I’m not even sure who could replace Karl, but a new voice would likely work dividends for this young team. A team that could maybe even bring in a few top-notch players in free agency with a leadership change.

With Karl winning the Coach of the Year, he’ll be the coach for at least one more season for sure, but the fans need to start thinking about what they want to the Nuggets to become. And whether or not those aspirations can become a reality under George Karl.

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